In May 2019, ESD #60 and Sheldon Community Fire and Rescue had the Grand Opening of our new Fire Station 2 and Paul V. Reed Training Center. The station and training center are located at 17432 Beaumont Hwy. Thank you to everyone from the surrounding departments that showed up.

The new facilities at the station include a gym, 8 sets of dorms, 4 pantries, and a full size kitchen. It also is equipped with exhaust ejectors in the bay to keep down the exhaust emissions when the vehicles are started in the bay, and includes a gear extractor (big washer machine for fire gear to be cleaned) a gear dryer, and SCBA cascade filling system.

The new Training Center has a Burn Building that is 7 stories high and equipped with 6 burn rooms and state of the art Smoke System. It is set up for high angle and confined space rescue. There is a built in stand pipe system for high rise and mid rise operations. The burn rooms have temperature control alarms for safety.

We have added a SCBA confidence course that is currently being built out. Alongside the SCBA confidence course there will be a roof prop, where firefighters will training on “Roof Venting Operations”. We will have vehicles set out for extrication training and it will also, have a Flashover Chamber.